September 16, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party!

The moment has arrived! The Bead Soup Blog Party continues now revealing our creations!
I could not commit to white and red, I had to add colors!!! I love multicolor, colorful, whimsical and funky! I've made a long necklace with the white pearls, red beads, and central focal handmade seeded beauty that Karin sent me. I've found in my stash some cute millefiori donuts glass beads, Vitraux Sarowski crystals, Japanese seed glass beads, Czech glass beads, rare Sterling Silver beads and a Sterling Silver clasp (The golden clasp she sent will be for a bracelet in the near future, I needed a stronger one for this long piece).
I made another shorter necklace with my glass handmade lampwork beads, "Ruedas" style, bold, stripy, and again: colorful and multicolor, whimsical and funky. These type of beads will be soon featured in the next "Belle Armoire Jewelry" magazine. The central focal one is immense, approx. 30mm. x 23mm. I've completed this necklace with vitraux and burgundy crystals, rare Czech glass beads and a Sterling Silver clasp.
I was very enthusiastic about the idea of using these 2 pieces either together or separated. I embrace that independence!
I've named this set "EVERYTHING COUNTS".
I have enjoyed every single moment of making the beads, the ones I've sent Karin and these ones, I had fun designing and participating in this event. Thank you all!
Please click on photos for better details with the zoom feature. 

 Please visit Karin's Bead Soup Blog Party at her blog (I'm curious to see what she has created with my glass beads!): 
Please keep scrolling down the page to see the original packages that were sent, I've posted the photos in my previous update.

Bead Soup Blog Party Sept 17

Hi everybody, this Saturday 17 of September there is a huge event in the jewelry world, the BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTY. More than 350 artists all over the world are participating. We have exchange beads, and we will be posting the results of our creations in every blog, please visit later to see them!
I have been placed with a partner for that exchange, her name is from Germany and her blog is:
So, I have sent her a package and she sent me one. We have created pieces with what was sent to us. Stay tuned to discover all creations very soon!

These are the lovely items Karin sent me, together with a cute wooden angel. I believe she handmade the focal bead with seed beads. She certainly challenged me with white and red, but I've been faithful to my tendencies, and you'll see later tonight what I came up with!
And these are the colorful items that I've sent her, my handmade lampwork glass beads, in the style of "Ruedas" that I love so much, the Czech beads are similar to the ones in the photo, not exactly the same because I was in such a hurry to go to the Post Office that I forgot to take the picture of them (with their wonderful chartreuse tone!), but the sterling silver artisan clasp and the Swarovski crystals are the same.

For more details about the Bead Soup Blog Party, this is the link of the creator Lori Anderson