March 12, 2014


And is that time of the year, once again there is this wonderful "Bead Soup Blog Party"!!! It's an amazing huge event where almost 600 artists all over the world participate with their art work. We will be exchanging beads and goodies, and then, we will be posting the results of our creations in our blogs. This year the big reveal for the 8TH BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTYl will be on May 3rd. Please join us for so much fun!!!
I've been paired with the gorgeous Laura Guenther from , please visit her site to take a peak at her artistic life. I've just sent my pretty box full of my choices for her to play with, I've dedicated with my best effort to surprise her and make her smile!
I hope she likes everything I've sent, oh boy, it took me forever to complete this endeavor!!!!!
I can't wait to see what she is sending me so I can continue with this challenge!
Here is the photo of the mysterious box I've sent her, the day of the party I will be posting the photos of what was inside. 
I will be posting photos of what she sent me and the outcome of my design.... Cheers!

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